Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet rant

I'm really fed up with commercials displaying women as being overly concerned with eating sweets. I mean, physical health is very important as is eating a balanced and nutritious diet, however, I have to put my foot down at these advertisements. Some of the worst commercials often show women worrying about eating a piece of cake (or something similar), but opting for a cup of yogurt instead (an obvious Yoplait reference). I don't know what crazy planet these people are from, but no amount of yogurt will ever equal one delicious slice of cake. Besides, what harm does one slice of cake or bowl of ice cream really do? Chances are, you can easily work off the extra calories (if you count them) and be just the same as you would be anyway. I am probably biased because I love baking and eating sweets, but I'm still a size 6—I'm sure to some of you, that's super fat, but not me. So, dear readers, please, tell me if I'm wrong, but do we really need to stress out over whether to eat the whole cupcake?

Image via flickr/Ban Bakes

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