Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yellow school bus

You know, everyone says that once you graduate from high school and college, you will wish that you could go back. I beg to differ. Now more than one year out of college, I will always be glad to be finished with school (until I go to grad school, of course). Here are some reasons why:

• Now I get paid for waking up early
• I no longer have to worry about standardized tests
• I can eat in or out of the office
• I don't have to do homework
• No gym class
• I can always apply for a new job if I don't like it
• A more mature environment (usually)

So, all the kids who are back in school for another year, stick with it. You might decide that you actually enjoy it and hate my little list. Regardless, I do feel that education is very important. I just don't like the system we have right now. What about you? Sound off.

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