Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robots I love to love

Robots. With the upcoming release of Astro Boy, I thought about robots that I really like. While shows like Transformers made robots cool to me, I am not the biggest fan of clunky robots. In fact, I actually have a group of unusual favorites. Hit the jump to find out who they are.
Goddard, Jimmy Neutron's robot dog is absolutely awesome. What's better than having a loyal robot dog to get you out of a bad situation? Besides, with a robot dog like him, you don't have to worry about fur getting all over your house.
While I don't really like the show so much, I think that Robot Boy is so cute. He is short and has a cute voice, but he can hold his own.
XJ9 (or Jenny) is one of my favorites because she not only kicks alien butt, she also has to deal with being a "teenage robot." The show isn't bad either. I love the subtle shoutouts to Otto Mesmer (creator of Felix the Cat) and Walt Disney—the sort of grandfathers of American animation—through animation and such.

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  1. I remember Vicki from 'Small Wonder' and Johnny 5, of course. However, my personal favorite is Bender from 'Futurama'!


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