Monday, September 14, 2009

Identity crisis

The world wide web is filled with endless possibilities for you to put yourself on multiple platforms. You can be on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, specialized forums and more. This can lead to an interesting dilemma—how should you display the "you" seen on all these sites? Give some of these sites a try...

Meez: create and download a 3-D animated avatar. You can use code to embed this into multiple platforms easily.

Mii: the Mii-generator, a flash application, allows you to create a customized Mii for use on the web. You cannot download it though, so you'll have to take a screenshot.

Mr. Picassohead: if you are in the mood for something artistic and unusual, opt to use Mr. Picassohead to create your likeness.

Gaia: the online community of Gaia has a rich avatar generator that can be accessed without becoming a part of the site.

Yahoo! Avatar Creator: if you have a Yahoo! account, you can use the Yahoo! Avatar Creator to give yourself a face on their network and messenging platform.

South Park: using the South Park generator, you can create a stylized avatar. Like the Mii generator, you'll have to take a screenshot to use it.

If you know of any more, feel free to share them. 
via PCWorld

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