Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who wants to live forever?

Apparently, Ray Kurzweil has been working towards a future where we—humans—could be immortal. The secret? Nanotechnology. While immortality seems nice in novels and films, I don't know how I could be excited living forever. These are the reasons why I would not want to be immortal:
  • I would be bored. You can only re-invent the wheel but so many times before it isn't new anymore.
  • Jobs would be scarce. Since we have issues right now, imagine employing an immortal workforce.
  • Old age would no longer be special. People living to 300 years old would be commonplace.
  • Life would no longer be precious to people. Everyone would partake in dangerous behavior regardless of the consequences as they will no longer be "dire".
What about you, readers? Would you be for or against this? Sound off and let me know. 

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