Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update | 40 Days of Holiness

As many readers are well aware, I have been practicing 40 Days of Holiness as a challenge presented by the pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church during the monthly Come As You Are (CAYA) service. The basic idea is that if for 40 days, we can be holy—truly striving to be like Jesus—we can achieve a better relationship with God and a better outlook on life. 

Today is the official halfway mark of 20 days. How have I been doing you ask? To be honest, readers, I have slipped. I notice that whenever I don't act holy, I feel guilty about it and I've been feeling guilty lately. Mostly, I have been impatient, lazy and a little blunt, but I don't like these qualities. However, these 40 days are not over and I am sticking with it. Have any of you started taking the challenge? If so, sound off and let me know how it is going.

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