Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Experiments with HTML5

With the recent dismissal of Flash, all eyes have been moving to HTML5. Because some people are not sure how it can be used, it is great that there are people experimenting with the code. One of these HTML5 "scientists" is Hakim El Hattab and his experiments might just have you wasting time. You can also play around with the code and learn a thing or two yourself. 

The Killers even released an HTML5 site recently. Check out their site to be surprised.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Salesman Pete

A slow(er) Friday here provided me with the opportunity to don headphones and watch a few shorts. One of them was just so funny that I had to share with you. Enter Salesman Pete. Some French guys created the entire thing. Give it a look see. If you have some extra time, Meet Buck (not by the French guys, just so I'm clear).

Salesman Pete from Salesman Pete on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Don't even pretend that you didn't gush slightly at the sight of this picture. You became strangely jelly-like and felt happy, didn't you? Maybe? Possibly? Well, if not, I hope you enjoyed this eye candy just the same.

Via tumblr/thingsthatinspiree

A few of my favorite things (part quatre)

Making a comeback right at the end of 2010 are my favorite things. This is part four (in case you don't read French) and I am so thrilled to be bringing up things I like. I started this last year in November and I plan to do a few more during the month of December. Go ahead and hit the jump. Let's not waste time.

Thursday Traffic | 9 December

I know there have been many a missed Thursday for the past few weeks (since October!), but life has been busy, readers. I've been working tediously to prepare for Christmas. Although I am more into the Biblical reason behind Christmas, my family does engage in gift-giving. Though we always "say" we are going to give small, I have a hard time choosing that path. Gift-giving is just something that I love from start to finish. 

First, finding the right gift. There is a magical moment about realizing that you have found an item that the recipient will cherish. Deciding upon what to buy or make for a gift is difficult at times, so I often start making my lists early in the year.

From a designer's aspect, packaging the gift is just as much fun as finding it. Choosing wrapping papers, tissue papers, ribbons, bows, tags, strings, stickers, bags, boxes, and more is like a gift to myself. I try to be consistent with my choices so that gifts from me are obvious when viewed beneath the tree. 

Despite everything that leads up to it, the opening of the present is the most exciting. Watching the recipient either tear through or slowly salvage the packaging is a tense moment. Then, seeing their face light up when they realize that you've paid attention to things they prefer and like is enough to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

Because it is Christmas season, there has been a variable amount of traffic lately. This rush of shopping paired with ordinary work schedules clogs up the interstate like nobody's business. However, because it is the Christmas season, I am much more forgiving of time wasting than I normally am. So as you go about your daily errands, take time out to breathe. It will keep your stress levels down and help you be more alert for mistakes others might make. For some stress relieving tips, check out this hunch:

Ways to De-stress - get personalized recommendations at Hunch.com
Image via flickr/excalipoor

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Monster High

My adorable little sister is a huge fan of Monster High. I had heard of the show, but I never watched it on television. Since she raved about it over and over again, I gave it a look-see. Well, to be honest, Monster High is not a cartoon that I would put on my list as "ridiculously awesome" or anything, but it's okay for kids.

Like most other contemporary cartoons, Monster High is exceptionally cheesy. It's got obvious morals and corny jokes. They highlight pop culture with puns—Justin Biter, Jaundice Brothers?—and that appeals to the kids of today. My little sister is eleven years old, so she finds these things hilarious. Her favorite is Frankie Stein, a hodge-podge female Frankenstein. There's a whole bunch of others—Cleo De Nile (a mummy), Clawdeen (a werewolf), Draculaura (a vampire), Ghoulia (not certain exactly), and Lagoona Blue (a sea monster thing).

The animation is decent for the kind of show that it is. There are animated foregrounds and backgrounds. You'll see some repeat animation (animations that have been flipped and repeated, or looping animations), but it's not as noticeable to kids. There's music as well. It sounds like whatever is on the radio now, so I'm not a huge fan, but I'm not the audience.

Overall, Monster High is a nice show for tweens to watch. They can somehow relate to these characters, I guess. They are at that awkward stage and seeing other awkward kids makes them feel normal, I suppose. If you have time, check out their YouTube channel and look around. 

Monster High image via fanpop.com

Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Review | Disney's Epic Mickey

Video game creators are feeling very epic this holiday season. Disney's Epic Mickey is not "epic," in my own opinion, but it is very un-Mickey. This game shows the harsh side of being a forgotten cartoon. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has been holding a grudge against Mickey Mouse for quite some time. Now that Mickey has been dragged into a world that he ironically ruined, he has to right some wrongs—or not. 

Epic Mickey allows gamers to decide whether they will be naughty or nice. You can paint and fix the places you visit, or you can choose to thin them out and destroy them. Not only does the environment get your special touch, the people do as well. You can gain their favor or you can piss them off entirely. Depending on the actions you choose, your play experience will change. 

Certain tasks will help you in the end while others might cause you more work (a LOT more work). If you choose to be mean, you can miss out on special extras. If you are always nice, you might not notice a hidden path or object. In the end, whether you allow your conscience to be your guide or not, Epic Mickey is a fun, slightly different game with an engaging plot.

Graphically, you get some nice 3D atmosphere as well as some 2D, simplified animated stories. You also get some platform action while you head between projectors (and the opportunity to be part of classic Disney cartoon shorts). There are plenty of things to catch the eye—was that a Mickey Mouse phone? Yes, it was, and you can dial it. The music can be somewhat eerie at times ("It's a Small World" for example), but it matches your particular situation. Expect a somewhat nerve-wracking change in music when enemies are present. 

So, if you decide to follow my somewhat erratic post, you're waiting to know whether I'd tell you to purchase this release. Well, as an avid fan of all things Disney, I recommend this game to all my fellow Disney fans. You might not be as impressed if you dislike the franchise. The play is not terribly difficult—you get unlimited lives, and the game saves automatically and often. However, for true gamers, there will be the collection aspect. I enjoy interacting with the other cartoon characters and running errands for them. This makes the gameplay richer and more entertaining. So, should you buy it? I say yes, but if you don't trust me, rent it and see for yourself.