Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 6 May

You know what I like most about the traffic on Thursdays? Getting out of it. Now that the weather has become nicer, more and more people are using public transportation. This requires buses to make more frequent stops, it crowds vehicles and it leaves you with an interesting dilemma. Should I sit down or stand? One the one hand, you might be more comfortable seated. However, you might also have a hart time getting off or be stuck next to someone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Hit the jump for my rule of thumb about deciding whether to sit or stand.

Image © 2008 David Pirman

When to sit:
When there are plenty of seats, do feel free to take one.
If you are traveling far, take a seat. It will help you gather energy and relax.
If you need to use your hands or work on something, sitting down is more efficient.
Perhaps you need a quick nap along the way; sleeping while sitting is much better than standing up.
When you are carrying heavy bags, a seat comes in handy.

When to stand:
If an older or physically disabled person requires a seat, it is only proper to give them one.
If you are traveling a short distance, standing is a breeze.
If you are not carrying anything and are physically able to stand.
If you have luggage or a rolling backpack, standing is better so you can keep your items close without clogging the aisles.

These are small tips that I've learned from riding public transportation. If you have some additional ideas, feel free to add them!

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  1. Good stuff! I tend to stand, though. I don't want to, but I hate the awkwardness of sitting next to someone. People act like you have cooties if you accidentally brush up against them as you take a seat!


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