Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When I was in elementary school, there were a few kids in my class that picked their noses and ate their boogers. It was gross to adults, but funny to us as children. It was the same for kids that picked their wedgies. It was something that we found funny as children, but not so funny to adults. So what has happened to the adults all over the world? Instead of stealthily picking a wedgie or getting rid of a booger, people just dig up their noses in public. This is disgusting because a) in the city, your germs spread every time you touch something, and b) you could just as easily take care of this business in a bathroom. In terms of wedgies, that looks so inappropriate when done in public.

Next time you feel you might have a booger, for goodness sake, blow your nose! Also, if your underwear are riding up you-know-where, find a bathroom and fix yourself. No need for you to do this in front of the world.

Image via Straight Digs

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