Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 13 May

Nothing puts a damper on your morning like a grey sky. However, despite the chill and the dreary weather, I was in excellent spirits this morning. I got to work really early and was surprised that not one light was on. It was a very unsettling feeling. Anyway, that's not why you read these posts.

Every so often, as I exit McPherson Square metro station, musicians are playing. Music is not something that requires translation, so it is something that anyone could enjoy. Some performers bring keyboards, guitars or saxophones and others use their vocal talents. A few do it simply for their own enjoyment. Others would like to receive a monetary donation. Either way, there is something nice about music on an otherwise depressingly grey day in the city.

I won't lie to you and make it seem as if I stop and listen to the music. The sounds usually drifts quite far, so I hear it when I walk up the escalator and continue down the street. Ordinarily, I am already listening to some music on my iPod, but I still must applaud these musicians for their hard work and talent. If I weren't on the way to work, I would probably stop and listen to the music.

This style of entertainment is often referred to as busking. It has been used worldwide by people with both good and bad intentions. Some conned the audience or stole their wallets; others simply provided a good show. While what I have seen in DC is nothing like the really crazy ideas people come up with in California, New Orleans or New York, I will always have a soft spot for street performers. Do you have any stories to tell? Sound off in the comments.

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