Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Fillmore!

After giving it some thought, I have decided to showcase cartoons on NewfoundJoye. This is mainly because I am a huge fan of cartoons and I have watched them for long enough to have a few opinions about them. I should be able to update these weekly, so make sure you check by for more.

This first installment is about Disney's Fillmore! that debuted in 2002 and spanned 26 episodes. Like many other cartoons, it parodies more mature nature, but is meant specifically for kids. Fillmore! is similar to detective dramas like Law & Order. Instead of detectives, you have the safety patrol—headed by Officer Vallejo and run by X Middle School Principal, Dawn S. Folsom—where our main character Cornelius Fillmore and partner Ingrid Third take the stage.

Fillmore is a former delinquent turned good-guy and Third has photographic memory and is extremely smart. Together, they solve crimes that occur in the school like the kidnapping of the school mascot and the strange defacing of the school's bathrooms. The show adds some forensics to the mix through other members of the safety patrol. The episodes are quite amusing but also show how quick-witted Fillmore and Third are. Animation for Fillmore! is very well executed. The show has its own style, but aesthetically, it works very well together. The music is also pretty good and the choice of voices are excellent.

I was really sad when this show ended, but it is definitely a favorite. If you would like to watch episodes for free, I recommend YouTube. I have not been able to find Fillmore! on DVD, but if you know anything about purchasing it, please post it in the comments. Have you ever watched this show before? What are your opinions about it?

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