Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 20 May

A large part of my daily commute is spent chilling out in a seat reading or playing a game. However, the bus does not drive itself. As much as people belittle them, bus drivers and other vehicle operators do a lot of work—work that most people wouldn't want to do.

Sitting down driving people around is not the most exciting of jobs. Also, whenever there is a single problem with the commute, these drivers are blamed. Bad weather? It's their fault. Traffic? Their fault. General unhappiness? Darn, bus driver! Yet these men and women still do their job. They get you to your destination. For that, I always say "thank you," or something along the lines of "have a nice day/evening."

By public transportation being open and easy, fewer people will have to drive. This means that there will be fewer cars on the road. That results in less traffic—and that makes me happy! So, here is a public shout-out to all the people driving me to work amidst Thursday traffic and every other day of the week.

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