Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Traffic | April Fools Edition

This Thursday, traffic was traffic. I got to work on early, no problems whatsoever. However, for some of you I have the sneaking suspicion that your morning was not as simple as mine. That is correct. Today is a day for April foolery and well-meaning pranks. I have never been one for pranking others, but I do enjoy watching a prank unfold on someone else. While April Fools is the most appropriate day for playing tricks on people, there are several other instances when they are used.

So, since I love countdowns and fun lists, I am giving you my NewfoundJoye Prank List. These are the times when pulling a prank won't get you in as much trouble as it would on a regular day.
  • Halloween—For other cultures, Halloween is all about pranks and tricks. Consider Witch's Night as an example. TP-ing people's houses, gross-looking food and scaring people are the common go-to's.
  • Birthdays—Nothing quite like surprising someone on their birthday. Usually, this is with a party or gag gift, but whatever floats your boat.
  • April Fools—Obviously, April 1st has a history of pranks and jokes, so it is definitely expected.
  • Un-Birthdays—If you decide to celebrate un-birthdays like I do, you will find that an un-birthday celebration is not a celebration without a prank or two.
  • Bachelor/ette Parties—Kidnapping the bride/groom-to-be to take them to their bachelor/ette party is too funny.
  • Summer camp—The ultimate of all pranks can be performed while at summer camp. The possibilities are endless. Too fun.
So, have a great April Fools, readers!

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