Monday, April 19, 2010

Film Review | Why Did I Get Married Too?

Before I even begin this review, I have to be completely frank with you. First, I am not a fan of Tyler Perry's works. I don't like the plays, I can't stand Madea and I do not watch all of his movies regularly. I did enjoy The Family That Preys. Second, I did not like the original film Why Did I Get Married? in the first place. However, my friend really wanted to see this movie, so I stopped by the theater with really low expectations. I had not seen the previews, but I saw the print ads. I was expecting something sentimental and maybe uplifting. For the full review, please hit the jump. The grade is below so as not to give away any spoilers.

Grade: D

Why Did I Get Married Too? was all over the place. The characters are re-introduced at the film's beginning. You are able to get a feel of each one and I must admit that I did not get the feeling that the actor's were really in tune with one another. Throughout the movie, most—if not all—acting was forced and dry. The comedic sections of the movie fell flat and there was never really a climax.

Some of the scenes are ridiculous. Angela, a woman who doubts her husbands fidelity, storms his workplace and embarrasses him—and herself—when she yells and screams during a live sports talk. Her character was too extreme and too one note. She didn't have a different side and in the end, she was never able to trust her spouse, Marcus. Despite the hype of Janet Jackson's portrayal of Patricia (a grieving woman preparing to divorce her husband Gavin), her outbursts and loss of sanity in my opinion was completely pointless. When her husband dies, you don't really understand what was gained or accomplished. Jill Scott's acting was really sporadic and in many ways she went from loving to just plain stupid during a switch of scenes. She never seemed to understand her husband's need to be a successful breadwinner. When her ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer, I feel that Tyler Perry was really reaching. Speaking of Tyler Perry, his role as a husband suspicious of his wife cheating on him was really boring. His wife did have another man in mind, but there is truly no explanation about what will happen afterward.

Overall, the movie was over-dramatic, terribly written and highly boring. I would not recommend spending any money watching this in theaters much less renting it later. Just wait for this to come out for free on television. Even then, it might still be a waste of time. I know my review this time around is harsh, but if you have an opinion, please sound off in the comments.

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