Monday, April 26, 2010

Game Review | Wii Sports Resort

Because I have been trying to be frugal over the past few months, I haven't devoted much money to buying video games. However, I was finally able to purchase Wii Sports Resort. I thought I would give anyone on the fence about purchasing it a bit of a nudge in one direction. The idea of Wii Sports Resort is simple: get up and play.

If you have the Wii, you will already be familiar with the look and feel of Wii Sports Resort from Wii Sports. Combine that with bits and pieces of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games and *voila* Wii Sports Resort. You are not able to play all levels of the games immediately as you must earn that right through game accomplishments. However, with so many choices of games to play, you will be busy for a while.

As an incentive to increase the playing time of the game, you are able to earn stamps for each game if you achieve specific criteria. This game is fun with a crowd or alone—good considering that most Wii games are one or the other. You can challenge yourself to become a pro at the mini-games or just relax and have fun. Either way, you will definitely enjoy Wii Sports Resort. Wait, am I pulling you to the "go-out-and-buy-this-immediately" side of the fence? Yes, I am. You'll have a great time playing and it will introduce you to the Wii Motion Plus accessory. The game comes with one and all additional pieces cost $20 each. You decide whether those are worth the money (I bought one extra to be even) or not.

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