Monday, April 5, 2010

Film Review | Clash of the Titans

Before I begin this review, I must explain that I went to see Clash of the Titans only because my sister wanted to watch it. I did not watch the original film, I was not particularly interested in this year's remake from the previews and I am not a huge mythology buff. However, after disappointment from watching Alice in Wonderland in "amazing" 3D, I opted not to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D sticking to regular old 2D instead. I am honestly very glad that I saved the money. I discovered from other reviews that it was no worth it at all. For the full review, hit the jump—I don't want to spoil the film for anyone who wants to watch it.

Grade: C

Narration leads you into the film and provides you with some knowledge about the gods and Olympus. This will help anyone who has never heard of any of the gods or goddesses in Greek mythology. Yet the beginning of the film is quite slow. I actual became quite bored until Hades appeared causing destruction and such. The film would often have lapses that I assume were meant to highlight the 3D aspect of the film. Panning from here to there, watching Pegasus flying around. They were a bit strange in retrospect and I wonder if they couldn't have been handled differently.

However, the story was interesting. I did some mythology research after the movie and it didn't follow the true story, but it kept the majority of the people the same at least. Still, they changed a lot of the information around, so you might want to read up on Perseus a bit if you are wondering how much of it is truly in the "legend." If you have seen the original film, the owl Bubo has a small cameo in the film—yet it is terribly random for anyone who has not seen it before (like myself).

Some of the graphics were very beautiful. The scene with the scorpions was quite thrilling and I'm certain it might have been one of the better ones in 3D. However, live-action films in 3D don't have the liberties of cartoons in terms of color and stylization that make the extra dimension worth it (I'm certain that Avatar is in a class of its own, but that can be considered an exception to the rule). The language wasn't terribly hard to follow even though I was at a loss for names. Many of the minor actors looked so alike that I often confused one with the other, but never the case for the important characters. The actors also did fairly well in their roles and brought the characters to life.

Overall, I didn't think it was that bad of a film. I cannot say that I would recommend watching it in theaters. If you decide to catch the matinee, that could be a better price, but you could honestly just wait for it to come out for rent. I wouldn't rush to theater or anything.

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