Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I have against jewelry

I love jewelry-making. I took a metals class when I was in college and jewelry-making is a tough and difficult art. However, I cannot stand the jewelry commercials that pop up during the holiday season. I understand that the holidays are big for retailers. I have nothing against people trying to sell stuff. I do not like this terrible stereotype that all women want necklaces and rings.

So, I'm not married (too young), but if my presently non-existent boyfriend ever bought me a ring, necklace or earrings, I'd be disappointed. Mostly because I am a huge electronics fan. However, if he put some work into it and chose something that isn't covered in diamonds or gold, I might enjoy it.

You might say, well diamonds are forever, gold is precious, bla bla bla. I worked at a jewelry counter. I've seen the last minute gifts that consist of some odd carat diamond and 24 k gold. Choose something other than a diamond. Sapphires and topaz are gorgeous. Pearls are classic. Emeralds are beautiful. Even something as surprising as old soda bottle caps can become really awesome earrings. So what I have against jewelry is its commercialization. The ease of just buying something without a true meaning. But hey, I'm only one woman. Let's hear some other opinions (I'm open to them).

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