Friday, November 20, 2009

Leggo' of Eggo

Since there will apparently be an Eggo waffle shortage, I'm not about to fight anyone in the grocery store for a box. Instead, I will survive the shortage through the following methods:
  1. I will make them from scratch. Betty Crocker has great waffle recipes in her cookbook and online. You can also get creative and substitute ingredients (like applesauce and other healthy choices). This allows you to make the waffles fresh and steamy.
  2. I will rely on Aunt Jemima. She has never failed me for pancakes, and she will not fail when it comes to waffles. Her syrup is also the best around (that's right, Mrs. Butterworth can step aside and Karo can just disappear).
  3. I will eat other breakfast foods. There was a world before waffles. Oatmeal, pancakes, grits, scrambled or fried eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, cereal, fresh fruit, pop tarts and more—the world will keep on turnin'.
So, hopefully, these three easy steps will help you survive the Eggo shortage as well. If not, you'd better get ready for a fight.

Image courtesy of Kellogg's

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