Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puppet Corner

I am not the biggest fan of wooden puppets. Pinocchio is cool, but I am more for the squishy muppet puppets. I have a few that I like more than others. The Fraggles from Fraggle Rock are awesome. That show really—pun intended—rocked! Hit the jump for more!

Kermit, a frog more famous than any other. He has a girlfriend, wealth, prestige and a large fan base. We've seen him grow from a Muppet Baby to real star!
No one knows how to party like Animal. He plays the drums, he makes some noise, he lives it up, he's wild–what's not to love?
The beloved Cookie Monster. I was a bigger fan before he started eating fruits and vegetables, but I will always like him. Maybe it is because he is a monster, or it might just be because he likes cookies. Either way, he's great! Now I'm going to munch munch munch on a cupcake—that also starts with the letter "c".

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