Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drip drip drop

For some reason, the rain always makes me think about Bambi. That's right, the old, Disney cartoon with the ridiculously adorable baby deer that loses his mother and is forced to live with his distant (and random) father. You know what I liked about Bambi—I loved this movie, I used to watch it daily—was the simplicity of it all. Learning words, meeting people, being exposed to the world, losing loved ones, growing up, conflicts with others, falling in love and finding your way. Within 70 minutes, the entire path of life is presented through traditional animation.

However, I was talking about why I think of this film during the rain. I apologize, I was sidetracked momentarily. In one scene, they show a random thunderstorm that scares the bejesus out of Bambi. At this point, some high pitch ladies are singing about an April shower. Beautiful sound, beautiful sound.

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