Sunday, October 25, 2009

Library ladies

Today, my sister and I went to our neighborhood library for the first time (we've been in this town for over a year too!). A huge book sale sign lured us over and we went inside to see if it was any good. There were rows of books available for purchase. Most hardcovers were $4.50 and trade paperbacks were $3.50. A deal like this could not be missed. However, they only accepted cash and they didn't hold books, so while my sister ran to grab cash, I held our books and decided to open a library account.

This is where the true story begins. A library patron asked the lady behind the information booth (where I happened to be filling out paperwork) why the internet wasn't working. This is a somewhat verbatim version of the conversation:
Man: Why is the internet not working. It was working before.
Library lady 1: Did you put in your password?
Man: Yes, and the wireless had been working before.
Library lady 1: Ah, the wireless? Well, I can't help you with the wireless. Hold on, I'll ask her.
Library lady 2: What is it? (exchange of issue) Ah, this is a wireless problem? Well, is your antenna up?
Man: (something mumbled)
Library lady 2: Or did you get us as a suspected window? You have to accept us if we are suspected window.

The conclusion? Don't trust library ladies with your wireless issues, trust a professional. This issue was probably not resolved either. I love the library, but old library ladies should not be asked technology questions—especially when they refer to wireless as the wireless. BTW, what exactly is the antenna she is referring to?

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