Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Film Review | Fame

Ah, fame. The very mention of the word brings to mind flashing lights, glitz and glam, and success. However, I do not think that Fame was a successful film. Certainly, it appeals to the younger crowd that has somehow become infused with a love of musicals and musical film. However, nothing changes the fact that this film was nothing amazing—and definitely not worth $10.50 for a ticket.

The problems with Fame? Like its predecessor, the newer rendition of Fame left too much of the story untold. When you became interested in a situation, the story would immediately change perspective or time and you would be left wanting. Some of the characters had no purpose in the overall film. The dialogue was often meaningless and amounted to nothing.

The good things about Fame? Well, the music wasn't too bad. There were several nice dances and lots of jumps and freezes and other camera tricks that always tend to make me smile a bit. However, I would save this film for rental or onDemand.

Film review grade: C-

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