Saturday, October 3, 2009

Whipped on this one!

I was delighted by Whip It. Drew Barrymore directed a phenomenal film. The music is great, the acting is superb and the story is intriguing. I did not know that the film is based upon a novel, but it really is a great watch. I hate giving away too much of the film's plot so I'll give a basic synopsis. Bliss (Ellen Page), a seventeen-year old high-school girl, works as a waitress at the Bodeen "Oink Joint" in Texas and is forced into beauty pageants by her mother. One day, she discovers the world of roller derby and the film explores her involvement in the brutal sport.

So, you want the skinny? Here goes. Whip It is very entertaining. It targets women, so already you know if you might want to see something else. There is some bad language and adult content (so the rating holds a purpose people). Overall, you should be happy with the results. I say it's worth the $10+ you spend at the movies.

Film review grade: A

Image via NY Daily News

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