Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 9 December

I know there have been many a missed Thursday for the past few weeks (since October!), but life has been busy, readers. I've been working tediously to prepare for Christmas. Although I am more into the Biblical reason behind Christmas, my family does engage in gift-giving. Though we always "say" we are going to give small, I have a hard time choosing that path. Gift-giving is just something that I love from start to finish. 

First, finding the right gift. There is a magical moment about realizing that you have found an item that the recipient will cherish. Deciding upon what to buy or make for a gift is difficult at times, so I often start making my lists early in the year.

From a designer's aspect, packaging the gift is just as much fun as finding it. Choosing wrapping papers, tissue papers, ribbons, bows, tags, strings, stickers, bags, boxes, and more is like a gift to myself. I try to be consistent with my choices so that gifts from me are obvious when viewed beneath the tree. 

Despite everything that leads up to it, the opening of the present is the most exciting. Watching the recipient either tear through or slowly salvage the packaging is a tense moment. Then, seeing their face light up when they realize that you've paid attention to things they prefer and like is enough to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

Because it is Christmas season, there has been a variable amount of traffic lately. This rush of shopping paired with ordinary work schedules clogs up the interstate like nobody's business. However, because it is the Christmas season, I am much more forgiving of time wasting than I normally am. So as you go about your daily errands, take time out to breathe. It will keep your stress levels down and help you be more alert for mistakes others might make. For some stress relieving tips, check out this hunch:

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