Thursday, December 9, 2010

A few of my favorite things (part quatre)

Making a comeback right at the end of 2010 are my favorite things. This is part four (in case you don't read French) and I am so thrilled to be bringing up things I like. I started this last year in November and I plan to do a few more during the month of December. Go ahead and hit the jump. Let's not waste time.
The Container Store is a new favorite of mine. I never guessed that so many wonderful things could be available in one place. Just one trip to the store sent me into a crafting wonderland. They have wonderful jars and packaging supplies. Check out their online store. You won't regret it.

Image via The Village at Gulf Stream Park
Softies are another favorite. You can make them yourself or buy from various sources (for example, Etsy sellers). There are also the ever popular Uglydolls as well. If you decide to make your own, I suggest starting with Martha Stewart's stuffed animals from kid's drawings.

Image via Saffron Craig

Wooden ABC blocks. These hearken back to the days of my childhood. They are more nostalgic than something I want, but still a fave. The blocks from the image can be purchased from Nature's Crib. You can also find these in toy stores in the baby aisle.

Image via Nature's Crib


  1. I love the Container Store too! I would be happy if all my Christmas gifts came from there ;)


  2. @Delilah—Good gosh! I cannot believe all of the time that I have not spent in this store. I will be making my way back fairly regularly, trust me.


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