Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Monster High

My adorable little sister is a huge fan of Monster High. I had heard of the show, but I never watched it on television. Since she raved about it over and over again, I gave it a look-see. Well, to be honest, Monster High is not a cartoon that I would put on my list as "ridiculously awesome" or anything, but it's okay for kids.

Like most other contemporary cartoons, Monster High is exceptionally cheesy. It's got obvious morals and corny jokes. They highlight pop culture with puns—Justin Biter, Jaundice Brothers?—and that appeals to the kids of today. My little sister is eleven years old, so she finds these things hilarious. Her favorite is Frankie Stein, a hodge-podge female Frankenstein. There's a whole bunch of others—Cleo De Nile (a mummy), Clawdeen (a werewolf), Draculaura (a vampire), Ghoulia (not certain exactly), and Lagoona Blue (a sea monster thing).

The animation is decent for the kind of show that it is. There are animated foregrounds and backgrounds. You'll see some repeat animation (animations that have been flipped and repeated, or looping animations), but it's not as noticeable to kids. There's music as well. It sounds like whatever is on the radio now, so I'm not a huge fan, but I'm not the audience.

Overall, Monster High is a nice show for tweens to watch. They can somehow relate to these characters, I guess. They are at that awkward stage and seeing other awkward kids makes them feel normal, I suppose. If you have time, check out their YouTube channel and look around. 

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  1. My 7yo daughter is hugely into these dolls, It's nice to see something different than the barbie/brats/princess dolls that are out there.

  2. @Wolfman-K — I actually saw the dolls before the show. However, they have a pretty fun site where your daughter could make up her own character and play a few games.


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