Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Review | Disney's Epic Mickey

Video game creators are feeling very epic this holiday season. Disney's Epic Mickey is not "epic," in my own opinion, but it is very un-Mickey. This game shows the harsh side of being a forgotten cartoon. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has been holding a grudge against Mickey Mouse for quite some time. Now that Mickey has been dragged into a world that he ironically ruined, he has to right some wrongs—or not. 

Epic Mickey allows gamers to decide whether they will be naughty or nice. You can paint and fix the places you visit, or you can choose to thin them out and destroy them. Not only does the environment get your special touch, the people do as well. You can gain their favor or you can piss them off entirely. Depending on the actions you choose, your play experience will change. 

Certain tasks will help you in the end while others might cause you more work (a LOT more work). If you choose to be mean, you can miss out on special extras. If you are always nice, you might not notice a hidden path or object. In the end, whether you allow your conscience to be your guide or not, Epic Mickey is a fun, slightly different game with an engaging plot.

Graphically, you get some nice 3D atmosphere as well as some 2D, simplified animated stories. You also get some platform action while you head between projectors (and the opportunity to be part of classic Disney cartoon shorts). There are plenty of things to catch the eye—was that a Mickey Mouse phone? Yes, it was, and you can dial it. The music can be somewhat eerie at times ("It's a Small World" for example), but it matches your particular situation. Expect a somewhat nerve-wracking change in music when enemies are present. 

So, if you decide to follow my somewhat erratic post, you're waiting to know whether I'd tell you to purchase this release. Well, as an avid fan of all things Disney, I recommend this game to all my fellow Disney fans. You might not be as impressed if you dislike the franchise. The play is not terribly difficult—you get unlimited lives, and the game saves automatically and often. However, for true gamers, there will be the collection aspect. I enjoy interacting with the other cartoon characters and running errands for them. This makes the gameplay richer and more entertaining. So, should you buy it? I say yes, but if you don't trust me, rent it and see for yourself.

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