Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | The Weekenders

I'm jumping back to Disney for yet another installment of Cartoon Chatter. This time, I would like to draw your attention to The Weekenders. The cartoon debuted back at the start of the millennium and ran for four years. The show's theme is derived from its title. The Weekenders follows the strange lives of four tweenage friends—Carver, Lor, Tino and Tish—living in California. Usually, something happens on the beginning of the weekend (or something has happened during the week) that becomes the focal point of the episode.

The Weekenders is a show that can easily be overlooked. The animation is okay and the theme song (written and performed by Wayne Brady) is quite catchy. However, there is a heavy moral-of-the-story factor in this show and that can be a big downer for many older cartoon viewers. There are some pretty great ongoing gags throughout the show. My favorite is that the pizza place where the main characters often eat constantly changes styles. This kind of attention adds some flair to an otherwise heavily formulated show. If you have some time, you can watch many episodes of The Weekenders online or you can purchase the DVDs.

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