Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

There are several reasons why Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Foster's) is one of my favorite cartoons. It premiered on my birthday back in 2004, it showcases the imagination, it has fun animation and music, and it had an excellent storyline. Minus the premiere on my birthday, these are qualities that I prefer in my cartoon.

Creator Craig McCracken brings an interesting concept to the show. What does happen to imaginary friends when kids outgrow them? Well, contrary to popular belief, they are not so imaginary—everyone can see them—and they have a difficult time fending for themselves. Luckily, Madame Foster provides a home for abandoned friends and never outgrew her imaginary friend Mr. Herriman, a large, butler-like bunny. The episodes are extremely entertaining and imaginative (shocker!).

By far, the best thing about Foster's is the group of characters that the show revolves around. They are so well developed that you can't help but to like them. Cheese, Goo and Coco are personal favorites of mine, but you should watch the show and decide who you like. Although the series ended last fall, you can still purchase DVDs or watch episodes online.

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