Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artist Spotlight | Will Varner

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I now have another illustrator to admire and that inspires me. It is always a treat when an artist tells a great story between their work and the title of their piece. Will Varner does it with style and pizazz. He describes his work best:
By blending elements of my adult angst and childhood fantasies I seek unique visions, bizarre creatures, and warped cityscapes. By looking through the eyes of society's outsiders I see that we are unified by those very feelings of isolation. An empty field. The blue glow of a computer monitor. The cold of outer space. I draw from a lonely place but find connection in the making process and humor along the lonely road.
Hopefully, you are inspired by his work as well. He also has a rather nice sketchbook on his site. Please, let me know what your opinion of his work is in the comments. Hit the jump for a few more of his works that caught my eye.

Images are copyright of Will Varner

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