Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter "wonderland"

If you were unaware, a blizzard passed across the northeastern coast of the United States over the past two days. It seemed like it was over-hyped at first, but true to the word of the meteorologist, we ended up with snow that covered your tracks in a matter of moments. Unlike some die-hard folks that walked and ventured into the snow all day (you have heard about the woman in DC who went to Giant to redeem a coupon for a free sandwich, right?), I was happy to stay warm in the house and relax. Of course, if I didn't go outside, I wouldn't have a few images to share with you. Hope you enjoy; hit the jump to see them.

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  1. You seems to have now real winter wonderland Maybe the reindeer and sleigh could be the best vehicle to move days like this!


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