Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY | Hazelnuts Felt Bunny

I have fallen in love with softies. They are not too hard to make and can be as custom as you can imagine. I decided to try making a softie on my own. Nothing seemed like a better start than the Hazelnuts Felt Bunny. The pattern does not require a sewing machine, too much work, or too much money. In fact, I made two over the weekend and it took me four hours for the first one. The second one was only three hours, so practice makes perfect. In addition, the combined cost of the supplies was less than $20. I didn't quite follow the pattern to the letter in terms of the finalized bunny, but I was happy with the result. Hit the jump for my bunny softies. For the pattern, visit the Hazelnuts blog.

Above image via Hazelnuts blog. All other images from yours truly.

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