Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist Spotlight | Michael Johansson

To be completely honest with you, reader, I cannot say that I love all conceptual art. Like interpretative dance, its meaning is often lost in execution. That being said, I have to admit that I like Swedish artist Michael Johansson's installations. His installations make me think of so many things: Tetris, wholesale, "box" stores, overcrowding, adaptation. I really do like it even if the meaning I glean from it is different than Johansson's actual intent. His usage of materials and color is quite phenomenal. He has exhibited solo and in groups for the past seven years or so. For more of his works, visit his site and hit the jump for some of the ones that struck me.
Above image Bleka Minnen (Faded Memories)

Strövtäg i tid och rum, 2009

Ghost II, 2009

Garden Pack, 2008

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  1. Really cool stuff. Reminds me of an artist that was featured in a museum I used to work for. Their style was much more casual and haphazard. Picture piles of random bits of stuff stacked and arranged on the floor of the gallery. Over time the museum noticed that visitors were setting down their own little knick knacks to add to the installation. A few disappeared as well, but what a cool experience for the museum to go through.


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