Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 25 February

Here's some Thursday Traffic fresh from the daily commute. Traffic on the road sucked and there were some issues on the metro, but I am still to work on time and in one piece. "What has my mind wandered into during my commute?" you might ask. I am so glad you asked. I pondered over quite a few things, but one thought in particular seemed like it was worthy of sharing.

I was speaking with a friend about kids "nowadays" earlier this week. First you might argue that at 23 I'm too young to talk about kids nowadays, but there is a big difference between my childhood and the childhood this generation is having. I am part of the generation when parents still talked about walking fifty miles in the snow just to get to school—and in socks or something ridiculous like that. However, since people from my generation are having these kids, they are raising them quite differently than I remember being raised.

The changes are many, but they are really not the kids' faults. Most of today's parents are making up for their childhoods by giving their own children a "good start". Yes, it is good to want the best for your kids, but people have taken it to the extreme. Those who were picked on or bullied about weight and such have almost effectively banned field days and friendly competition in schools. Obesity is like the elephant in the room, but it won't change unless people stop indulging their children and feeding them fast food and other unhealthy dishes. Instead of discipline, it is encouraged to let kids be "unique" and "express" themselves. You can say whatever you want, but a child speaking back to an adult is bad manners. No one is paying to watch a show. Those kids can express themselves on a stage, not when it is inappropriate. This brings me to drugging kids up for being overactive and excited. How long will we medicate children and call that parenting? Of course kids are active. They have more energy than adults do and thus require more attention and work.

Then there is this notion that everything will hurt a kid. I have fallen from several different heights, knocked into doors, slipped down stairs, tripped over my own feet and more in my 23 years of living. Somehow, kids are invincible like that. Don't be so overprotective. I do know that there are dangerous people out there who have the worst intentions for your children, but not everyone wants your kid (I certainly don't). Don't keep them from experiencing life to keep them "safe". Let them take a risk or two, you did, didn't you?

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