Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow days

You know, not every country is fortunate to have snow days. In the warmer climates, snow is rarely, if ever, experienced. In areas known for snow, you will be going to school no matter what. They know how to handle the weather and they are not going to give you a day off unless it is truly impossible to open your front door.

However, a true snow day was always something to look forward to. I remember my first epic snow day. It was the winter of 1996 and my oldest sister's bus had already taken her to school. My older sister and I were waiting for our respective buses in the bitter cold with the other neighborhood kids. I can exaggerate and say that my eyelashes were covered in icicles and I was frozen solid like a statue, but I'll just let you all decide how cold it was. Either way, my oldest sister's bus returned and it was announced—because kids always announce things by yelling to the masses—that school was CLOSED. In a very cinematic moment, we all jumped and shouted and slid back to our house (because our house was cool like that) and hung out. We watched TV. Played games. Ate snacks. It was the ultimate snow day.

Snow days are a big deal. There was even a Nickelodeon film called Snow Day made in honor of the exciting and always awaited day. Even though you have to make the day up later on in the year, that single day that you don't have to go to school is so worth it.

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