Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 28 January

In opposite world, I love the sight of traffic in the morning. In reality, it sucks. However, one thing that makes the world go 'round in a happy orbit are nice people. You don't know the kind of nice people I'm talking about? Have you ever encountered any of the following?
Sunshine people: The nice "sunshine" people are the ones that will smile at you no matter how rainy, cold or ugly it is outside—even if they are in a rush. Not only that, some sunshine people will nod, wave on the sly or tip their hat at you. I love sunshine people and the way they spread joy—and I do love joy!

Acknowledging people: These people acknowledge your presence. They might say "Good morning" to you while you wait for the bus or metro. If you are really lucky, you will be complimented on your earrings, killer sense of style or wicked awesomeness.

Well-mannered people: The well-mannered person will notice that you are walking on the same sidewalk they are; they will also keep a safe distance away from you so as not to knock you into the street in front of oncoming traffic. If they notice that you are approaching a door, they will hold it open for you (elevator doors included).
They are always better than the "talk loudly on their cell phones, blast their music, step on your toes, never apologize, sneeze in your face, practically kill you as they are running for the escalator" kind of people. Hopefully, you get to see some of the nice people I mentioned above. Signing off until next Thursday's traffic.

Image via InkTank

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