Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Film Review | The Book of Eli

Yesterday, I graced my local movie theatre with a visit to watch The Book of Eli. I honestly was expecting something action-packed and possibly controversial. Instead, I was completely and utterly disappointed. Although this film had lots of potential, it failed to deliver. It raises more questions than it answers—and not in a "you can debate this at work or over drinks" kind of way either. I think a few more months could have made this better, even a few screenings. Regardless, I don't want to give away the movie for those who are planning on seeing it, so hit the jump for my rant or just check out my grade and move along.

Grade: C-

So, my issue with The Book of Eli is that it is quite obvious what the book is, yet it takes a long time for anyone to mention that it is a Bible. The second gripe I had is that the film never truly explains what has happened to the world. It does explain that wars caused the sky to rip open and burn the earth killing or blinding most everyone. It gets rid of the majority of the water and turns everything into a dirt and dust. Yet there is no mention of the rest of the world. Would the United States be the only country left? Honestly, there could've been a better picture of how everything else was.

Here's my biggest problem with the film: what happens? They never really give any indication of what Eli's (Denzel Washington) diction of the Bible does. Can mankind be saved? Will we still be doomed to die horrible deaths? What was the importance of the Bible? Why did it cause the wars that caused the "flash"? I guess that all the potential was wasted in the end.

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