Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 14 January

I was shocked this morning by the lack of traffic this Thursday. I mean, my bus was not the only one on the road, but the cars were moving. Not only did I make it to the Metro with time to spare, I got to work earlier. However, this week has been filled with traffic like no other, so it is funny that on the day when there is usually traffic, there is none. The irony.

But I remember that when I lived overseas, the autobahn had a great way of keeping you informed about staus (traffic jams). If there was traffic ahead, cars would have on both blinkers so that everyone knew what was going on. Not only that, but when traffic was moving and someone wanted to go faster, putting on their left blinker when in the left-most lane would send cars out of their way. In fact, the left lane is used entirely for passing slow cars. Trucks are restrained to the slow, right lanes and not allowed to pass. If only we could pick up some autobahn etiquette in the United States.

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