Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Game Review | Wii Fit Plus

I was fortunate enough to receive Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. Now, after a few weeks of game play, I think I am ready to talk about it. I never played the original Wii Fit, but it seems that the biggest updates to it were in the addition of several new mini-games and more advanced strength and yoga exercises. However, I'm not here to review Wii Fit, I'm reviewing Wii Fit Plus. There are plenty of great things to say, so hit the jump.

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First of all, Wii Fit Plus introduces the balance board into the array of Wii accessories. I think it was wise to use it as a scale. Very smart on Nintendo's side. So, initially, you are weighed and assessed by measuring your balance and agility. The talking balance board coaches you through everything and presents you with an age. I shudder remembering that I was 37 on my first one (that's 14 years older than I am).

Now, the exciting part is in the exercises. You can play fun mini games that test your mental acuity and judgment. There are several options that allow you to run in place for a set number of time while giving you an idea as to how far you are "running"—this is great during the cold winter months when you don't feel like running outside. Yet the best exercises are the strength and yoga routines that your personal trainer teaches you. They show you the move and help you perfect your form through your stability on the balance board.

So, you might wonder if it's worth the money it costs. I believe it is. Yes, there are moments when the balance board don't pick up what you are doing properly, but for the most part it is accurate. You'll enjoy the mini games, yoga, strength training and facts that you learn along the way. Since I've been "Wii Fitting," I've noticed that I am breathing better, feeling better and sleeping better. Not only that, I am at a proper BMI for my height and maintaining that weight like a pro. Of course, I'm also toning my body, which is a definite plus.

Grade: A-

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