Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 21 January

Oh Thursday Traffic, how I loathe you. This morning, I was able to really get a feel for people. I am not certain how much you know about my commute, but basically, I ride the bus to the Metro. Then, I metro to a station close to my workplace and walk the rest of the way. This normally takes me 45 minutes. Usually, I read (alas, my Sony Reader was out of battery this morning), play my DSi or PSP, listen to music, or just take a look outside to pass the time.

Well, this morning, I was reading a magazine on the bus—Martha Stewart Living (yay!) —and in a pleasant mood. Recently, I have begun to sit across the aisle from this guy who sleeps on the way to the Metro. However, he always puts something in his free seat so people are not able to sit next to him. I think it is rude to claim a seat that you technically do not own. On the flip-side, I think it is rude of people taking a seat to take over the whole space. While personal space is lost on many metro commutes, a seat on the bus should not detract from it. Keep your body within your seat. Men, I feel no pity for you. Keep your legs to yourself. I shouldn't be elbowed by people sitting properly in their seats either. How annoying.

While on the Metro, keep in mind that most people will crowd the doors. However, each individual can only move further into the train as long as everyone else does. Don't try to squeeze yourself between people who can't move. It's rude. Also, there was a delay on my train today and the conductor said something about it all the time. How dumb are commuters that we should be reminded every 13 seconds that we are not moving. I think even a kid could tell that the train is sitting still.

Are you sure you want to brave the third worst city for commuting in the United States? If so, come to DC now! Just expect your Thursday Traffic.

Image via The Wall Street Journal

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