Thursday, August 20, 2009

S-p-e-l-l it out

Remember those spelling bee days? Standing in a sloppy line fidgeting as you awaited your word. You worried that it would be really hard and you cringed each time someone made a mistake on words you could have easily spelled in your sleep. Then, when it is finally your turn, your mouth becomes dry and you feel like the entire English language has seeped out of your ears? I remember them well! When I was in elementary school, I won my grade spelling bee with the word "honey"! Talk about bragging rights. Still, this has nothing to do with my whole topic.

I discovered The Times Spelling Bee while searching through some results on Hunch. I gave it a try and spelled 13 out of 15 correctly on a quick play. Give it a go, it's really interesting—especially if you are waiting on some responses at work. Make sure you have headphones!

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