Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gaming cuts

Lately, the prices of video game consoles seem as though they are continually being cut. The surprisingly cheaper PS3 Slim will be released next month with a brand new look and logo (thank goodness that Spiderman looking logo will be gone). Apparently, the folks at Microsoft had to compete by lowering the prices of the Xbox 360. The elite is now at the same $300 price range as the PS3 Slim. If you buy the Xbox 360 Pro edition, you will find that it is the same price as the $250 Wii. Now the only question I have for you is how many people will go buy an Xbox 360 when they could buy a PS3 Slim or a Wii for the exact same price? Hopefully a new marketing campaign is coming along with these lowered prices. To follow more about the Xbox 360's recent price cut, check out PC World.

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