Monday, November 8, 2010

Game Review | Kirby's Epic Yarn

I've played enough of the newly released Kirby's Epic Yarn to give a rather cohesive review. For those who are familiar with Kirby and all of his fluffy pinkness, this new video game will change your thoughts about him. Instead of his usual ability to suck up enemies (and spit them out or copy their abilities), you are a yarn version of Kirby. Gone are the days of sucking things up like only Kirby can. Instead, you can become various vehicles and you use your "lasso" of yarn to grab and destroy enemies or other obstacles. 

I'm torn about the graphics. Some of the backgrounds are very competitive, but the imagination put into each scene is definitely worth more than a small personal issue of mine. The way that sand is shown as unraveling yarn reveals how creative and thoughtful the developers were while they made this piece. After you beat each level, you gain a patch that when properly placed allows you to continue to the next level. 

Besides the usual levels, you can also bring the collected items you've found and add them to an apartment complex. If you bring all of the correct items to an apartment, a friend will move in and additional mini-games will open up to you. It's a good way to keep the gameplay fresh and give you something else to do if you are facing a difficult level. 

Another nice extra is your own place. You can decorate it with anything you find in the levels. Thanks to the beads scattered all over Patch Land, you can purchase more objects or wallpaper/flooring from the stores.

So, if you enjoy the standard platform game but want a bit of a twist, Kirby's Epic Yarn will definitely be worth your hard-earned money. It's great for kids because you can't really die. If you have a friend over, they can even join the fun and you can play the day away. 

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