Monday, November 29, 2010

Film Review | Tangled

Naturally, I have been waiting to see Tangled for some time—since nearly last year actually. Then, it was called Rapunzel, but that is neither here nor there. When it comes to animated movies, Disney holds the crown. Some of my favorites are their cell-animated feature films from the 80s and 90s. However, Tangled really showed off their skill with 3D animation (though I watched it in 2D—do you know how outrageous ticket prices have become?). Hit the jump for the full review.

Grade: B 

Image via BSC Review
Tangled was presented very well. It has all that Disney magic in it and all. It was nice to have songs make another comeback. That being said, the characters in the film were thought through expertly. You can tell a lot about each one. The villain of this film was definitely a nasty one. Not Ursula, Jafar or Scar bad, but close enough. Rapunzel had some spunk. I liked that about her.

Detail in each scene was phenomenal. I can imagine that many of the scenes looked great in 3D, but I'm honestly glad I watched it flat. Some of the imagery was very nice to look at. It all felt very much like what it was. Rapunzel's hair worked out well too. In fact, hair overall looked great in Tangled. Very smooth animation there. The plot was engaging enough and I couldn't really predict every little thing that was going to happen—which is often the case with animated features.

Music was another big part of the film and they made some smart choices. The songs were well-written and they corresponded to each scene well. They also weren't annoying. They did not particularly stick in my head and now, I can only vaguely remember parts of each one. 

So if you have a kid or you just wondered whether you should see Tangled, I would recommend it. It's cute enough and it isn't like all of the other princess movies. Whether you watch it in 3D is up to you, but I got the basic gist of everything without the added dimension. The only thing I have to say is that at the end, Tangled was a good movie, but there was nothing extremely amazing about it that knocked my socks off, hence the above average grade.

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