Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 15 July

It's payday, readers! Traffic hardly matters on a day like today. So, what will I be spending my cash on, you ask? Hey, we are still in a recession, I'm being stingy with my money nowadays. Anyways, during my stint in the traffic, I was thinking about the dentist. My sisters have been recently and tomorrow, I will be sitting in the old dentist's chair. I haven't had a dental appointment in a while, so I'm a bit nervous. However, I wanted to say a few things about the dentist.

First of all, being a dentist is not like being a doctor. You are a dentist. You spend your days fixing people's teeth and gums. Your clients will spit and drool all over you and when you ask them questions, they won't be able to answer without slobbering everywhere. No one will applaud when you say you are a dentist like they do if you say you are a doctor.

Second, dentists are expensive and many procedures are not covered by insurance (if you are lucky enough to have it). Also, it's like reconstructive surgery with dentists. They may decide that you should break your jaw and this and that to account for what they think will happen with your teeth. I've seen some people with some pretty crazy headgear.

Third, all depictions of dentists in cartoons are normally as evil villains. In film, they are unappreciated losers. What about being a dentist is attractive–or sexy? Nothing, but at least you make good money, right?

Lastly, dentists can prevent you from getting other deadly diseases. They can tell a lot about your body from your teeth. Although you don't have to jump on the bandwagon with everything your dentist recommends, they are looking out for your smile and body, so that's a win-win situation to me.

So, if you are a dentist, congratulations, you've taken a job that many people probably would not. If you have some dentist stories, let me know about them in the comments. Well, please keep your fingers crossed for my dentist visit. I'll need that for morale. I'm not a big fan of the dentist. I think my sweet tooth explains that reason.

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