Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 8 July

The highlight of my morning was checking the forecast and seeing that there is a possibility of rain today. You know, the weather is so interesting. As I was on the bus reading a recent book purchase—Boneshaker—I thought about the strange weather that we have been having this year. That made me think of things to note about the weather:
The weather is one of the most common starting points for a conversation. How many times do you remember a comment about the weather getting you talking—or getting someone else to talk to you.

The weather can affect people's moods greatly. If it is a mild day with the occasional clouds and cool breezes, people are probably more likely to give you a break and be amiable. You might become more productive so you can enjoy the day—or less productive. Too hot and people can become irritable. Too cold and people might become curt with you.

The weather stops for no (wo)man. Nothing you say or do will change the weather. It is entirely out of human control. Even if you have been planning a gorgeous outdoor event for more than two years, the weather can sporadically rain on your parade. Even if you want summer to last forever, it will change to fall and so on and so forth.
The weather can be tough on your hair and skin. Hot, humid weather can ruin your perfect hairdo or cause you to sweat and break out. Cold, bitter weather can dry out your skin and kill your hair. Make certain that you are always dressed appropriately.
The weather can be deadly. Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) can affect your body. Breathing can become shallow and difficult during times of humidity. Your limbs can rot in freezing temperatures. So even though we have advances for dealing with the weather (like heat and air-conditioning), always be mindful of how you feel.
That was just a quick little note about the weather. Hopefully, you have a favorable breeze and reasonable temperature to allow you to enjoy this weekend to the fullest.

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