Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Darkwing Duck

Man, Darkwing Duck was a great cartoon. It really reminds me of a "Disney-fied" version of Batman. Basically, you've got an average citizen—Drake Mallard—that fights crime by moonlight as alias Darkwing Duck. He has a somewhat reliable sidekick named Launchpad. Occasionally, his adopted daughter Gosalyn jumps into the fight for justice.

The villains are always unsuccessful in defeating DW, so naturally good wins every time. The stories had morals/lessons in them. But hey, this was the 90s. If a cartoon didn't have morals at this time, it was probably Ren & Stimpy and your parents didn't like you watching it—though you watched it anyway. Darkwing Duck was the cartoon that you enjoyed watching because it had action and lots of little cliffhangers between commercial breaks. Apparently, the comic books are still popular now with new ones being released regularly. You can relive the series by purchasing it on DVD or scouring the internet for episodes.

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