Monday, March 22, 2010

What I am watching on television...

Last night, I began watching the 11-part mini-series of Life on Discovery. Like Planet Earth and Blue Planet, you are given a glimpse of nature in amazing detail. You are shown frogs the size of a fingernail with so much clarity that it is a bit scary. Following in the steps of its predecessors, Life allows you to learn more about our environment in hopes that we will take steps to save it. Oprah is not a bad narrator and overall, the show keeps you interested. If you would like to watch and rate scenes, visit the Discovery Channel's website.

Image via Discovery Channel

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  1. it WAS a great show, wasnt it?
    to formally introduce myself, i'm hannah & i'm 12... i really like your blog! mine is
    ~my favorite scene was the toad & the tarantula :)


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