Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 25 March

I'll take my Thursdays with a 45-minute commute and an extra helping of traffic, please. Talk about annoying. However, in an effort to "beat" the traffic, I left earlier. Instead of getting to work fifteen minutes late, I got to work fifteen minutes early. Oh joy!

Living around DC causes you to deal with things that are happening in the city. Did you know that this weekend will celebrate the 1912 gift of cherry blossoms from Japan to the United States? Do you know what that means? Traffic. However, you will have two weeks to see them and enjoy the start of spring. If you are interested in coming down/over/up to DC to see them in bloom, check out the official National Cherry Blossom Festival website. I suggest that you bring patience, a very good camera and a good mood. You will also be able to see some great kites if you come out on Saturday, so I suppose you might have a reason for coming out on opening day.

The Metro will be busy, but you won't be able to find a parking spot either. I suggest getting an early start and just having a good time. My mother dearest wants me to go to the festival, so I might (but really might not) be there.

Image courtesy of E. David

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