Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Traffic | 4 March

How I love to see the traffic on a Thursday. I don't really, but I'm overly used to it now. I am actually quite patient on the bus to the metro and on the metro to my workplace. In fact, I really surprise myself. However, my patience is wearing thin for what will be released in theaters tomorrow. Lately, my thoughts have been about seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in amazing 3D.

Yes, I'm 23. Yes, I shouldn't be this excited about a film considering that I'm not a kid. However, I have grown to really appreciate Tim Burton's style over the years. He is not afraid to touch on darker and edgier themes for his films. Like many other artists, his style is so much his own that no one can really imitate him. Besides, Alice in Wonderland is a classic. I'm very interested in seeing Burton's take on it. The Disney cartoon was not bad, but it fell short of the written work.

I wish that they would build a Tim Burton theme park. It would be absolutely terrifying, but thrilling at the same time. You'd see some of the wildest things you ever imagined there. I can already imagine a roulette themed roller coaster with Oogie Boogie in it. Can you imagine it? However, that is neither here nor there. Look forward to a film review for Alice in Wonderland here on NewfoundJoye and enjoy your Thursday.

Image via US Military Vets MC

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